University of Stellenbosch

University of Stellenbosch is one of the well-known universities of South Africa and is one of the top African Universities. University of Stellenbosch is…


All About An Exit interview

You decide to move on from your current job and tender your resignation. Very close to your last working day in your current organization,…

act test

ACT Test

The American College Testing examination or simply the ‘ACT’ is used by all American educational institutions for any four-year degree program and is considered…


Few Essential Tips for Studying Abroad

Students planning to pursue their further studies abroad have lot of anxiety and excitement before venturing out from their comfort zones to an extremely…


Imperial College of London

Imperial college of London is a British University in London, established in 1907.Being  consistently ranked third in the U.K.  is a leader in world…

Preparing an Internship Resume

You are almost at the end of your college or university degree and are looking for internships with different firms to gain experience in…


Scholarship for Military Spouses

A good college education is still considered the gateway to earn a high income in your professional career or land up with that envied…


Animation course has tremendous scope

Education today has opened doors for many different courses. There is flexibility in the learning system, choosing a right course can be challenging for…


Photography as a Career

A career in photography is unique and creative. A combination of aesthetic sense and technical knowledge is required to become a photographer. It is…


Benefits of an IELTS Sample Test

The foremost criteria for international students and prospective emigrants are to get a decent enough score in the IELTS English language exams.

yale university2

Yale University

Yale University located in the vibrant cultural and artistic city of New Haven in Connecticut was founded in the year 1701.

cover letter

Writing a Cover Letter

The intent of a cover letter is to specify the post or the position for which the job application is attached/sent along with the…