5 Objectives For The MCAS Exam

Objectives For The MCAS Exam MCAS exam i.e. the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exam tests students over 5 objectives. The examination, also known as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) examination is a platform for students to display their skills. Exam content covers Microsoft office 2007 for the purposes.

The test covers each and every objective at length and to attain the certification, aspirants must successfully clear all five objectives of the MOS exam. The objectives of MCAS exam are managing messaging, managing scheduling, managing tasks, managing contact and personal contact information and organizing information.

Upon meeting these objectives students get the certificate. Clearing the exam communicates applicant’s proficiency in performing computing applications and thus assists with career initiatives. Details of the stated Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exam objectives are listed below. A brief overview of application procedures is also penned.

1. Messaging

The first exam objective tests applicants over their message management capabilities in Microsoft outlook 2007. To this end questions focusing upon specific messaging tasks are authored. For instance students must be aware of steps to create and send an email, manage signatures in the email body and be able to attach all kind of attachments, configure accounts and work with the security and sensitivity settings, configure delivery settings and of course should be able to send the mail.

2. Scheduling

This objective tests students over their scheduling knowledge and skills. Thus efficient management of tasks like scheduling appointments, marking event reminders, sending out meeting invites, customizing calendar and sharing calendar details with others are focused upon. Successful execution of these and related tasks helps clear this level.

3. Task Management

Third objective for the MCAS exam is managing tasks. Idea is simple, students appearing for the test should be able to create, change and complete tasks. Add on functionalities like assigning, declining, updating, accepting and replying to tasks are also part of this objective.

4. Management of Contact List & Personal Info

Applicants should meet the 4th objective for MCAS exam, as per which they should be knowledgeable enough to mange the contact list in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Basic features include creation and modification of contacts, using and editing electronic business cards, creation and modification of distribution lists and creating secondary address book.

5. Information Organizing

This last objective tests applicants upon their abilities to systematically manage information. Info organizing abilities as the fifth objective for the MCAS exam are tested by assigning tasks like categorizing the various items based upon color, creating and maintaining the data files, organizing input / output mail folders, using the search functionality to find Office Outlook 2007 items, managing email messages by creating, changing and removing the rules and to club it all by customizing the entire package. Customization incorporates managing the start page, window view alternatives and setting up start page display choices.

To appear for tests, students must first purchase a fee voucher. Post purchase of the voucher, desired test schedule can be finalized by contact the test centre. List of testing centers is available at www.certiport.com, which administer the online MCAS test. Testing centers also have a fee structure for taking the test.

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