5 University U.K Offering On-Line PhD Programmes

Many of us aspire to get attached with a specific university of choice while intending to do a doctorate.  But distance is one of the major constraints in that aim together with financial non- affordability to visit that country, stay there and undergo PhD studies.

Thus an on-line PhD programme through distant learning method is a student-friendly option. But it needs to be taken into account that this method of study requires the similar level of academic result, perception, advanced knowledge and intellect and challenges to work hard and rigorously as a conventional classroom system of education.

There is a great choice of subjects offered, like arts, science, architecture engineering, business, education, operational management, human resource and many more, both in the fields of theoretical subjects as well as that of applied study.

United Kingdom has a host of universities offering PhD studies through distant learning programmes. So nothing like it if a student gets a PhD degree from a renowned university in United Kingdom, sitting at home. But it is requested to contact the registry of a university or the future supervisor of that subject and that also look into the residency regulations of that university before finalizing where you intend to study.

University of Wales is such a suggestion where class attendance once a month once a year. Provisions also are provided if students seek to stay within the university campus for some consolidated classes. It offers PhD and MPhil in various subjects through distance learning methods.

University of London is also such an option that is also lenient regarding its residency rules. It is especially beneficial for those students who cannot afford to visit London for their studies or are short of time. This renowned learning Institution provides a large selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes together with PhD in more than 157 countries all over the world.

Birkbeck University, a part of University of London, is another such alternative that is already operating in at least 63 different subjects together with major stress in Humanities subjects.

University of Leeds is another option, imparting distance learning mainly in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering. It is a well research institute and also considered as a public educational institute. University of Manchester is another in the line offering PhD in Business Administration. It also provides scholarships to brilliant students as a part of their distance learning curriculum.