A Career As A Wedding Planner

Many people just love weddings, and cannot have enough of them. While you may have the opportunity of having just one yourself, being able to put together, plan and live the excitement of a wedding over and over is wonderful. This is the magic of wedding planning. Being a wedding planner requires no real specific qualification. Just a lot of hard work and skill. To be a wedding planner you must be able to ideate very well.

You must be highly creative, and also be able to execute well. You must be able to work well with others since there will be lots of co-ordinating involved. You will need to work with many people simultaneously. You must be a very good communicator, and also be a good listener.

You must be very resourceful, and be able to source anything that your client wants. You must have a good network, and the skills to network, since this is what will fetch you your clients. Most importantly, you must be able to work under pressure since there will be no shortage of it before or at the wedding.

Starting as a planner requires that you work underĀ a planner or event manager for a few years. You will need to learn the ropes, and also the tricks of the trade before you can manage on your own. This would require sourcing skills, planning and implementation, and even how and where to network to be able to get our clients. You should also have worked hands on in planning events and weddings to be able to know what goes on at all levels so you can solve problems better.

Being a wedding planner means that you will have to deal with the client, with stores and also with suppliers in getting things organised. You must be efficient in delegation. This means delegating well, and delegtaing to the right people. You must have an eye for aesthetics, since you will be instrumental in planning and working the look of the place. You must also have an idea about food and world cuisine, since your client can ask for varied menus and food options.

Being a wedding planner means that you have to have a broad horizon. You must read up on places, foods and also different ideas. You must be able to have conversation on anything with your client. Although not professionally qualified, you need to be more prefessionally skilled to be a success.