A Comprehensive Guide To Excel In TOEFL Exam

TOEFL Exam Test of English as a Foreign Language or as popularly known as TOEFL exam is known for its importance for admissions in college worldwide. This English test is often considered as a prerequisite for obtaining admissions in colleges or for professional courses or even for a job outside your country.

Being a standardized test, a person for whom English is not a native language, has to undertake it. However you will have to take this English test only when you wish to live or even study in an English environment, outside your native country.

Some consider TOEFL exam to be an easy and simple English test. But this is not so. A simple English test would not be so comprehensive and elaborate as is in the case of TOEFL exam. TOEFL exam consists mainly of four parts, reading, speaking, listening and also writing.

With duration of four hours, this English test ensures your confidence and knowledge regarding English and tests on that basis. For this you must have the power to understand all the grammatical rules, with a wide range of vocabulary as well as good listening skills. You will have to be absolutely prepared to appear for TOEFL exam.

Here are a few tips which can guide you well to prepare and pass this English test.

Know the topics:

It is always good to be aware of the topics you will be tested upon. Read as many topics as you can in English so that you have a general idea as to how the questions might be asked. An English test may sound to be easy and simple, but the vast English topics for TOEFL exam will need your attention and understanding. So do not neglect the topics and prepare yourself for them.

Grammar is important

To appear in any English test, your grammar has to be strong. Make sure all your concepts about English grammar are clear and that you are familiar with the basic grammatical rules as well as idiomatic expressions. Do not take grammar lightly because it can help you to pass easily TOEFL exam.

Books can guide you

There are a number of preparatory books for TOEFL exam. You may purchase them or lend them from a library to understand the pattern of questions and the English test. Such books can help you guide through English and will also provide you with the basic information which will help you pass the TOEFL exam. There are sample test papers as well which you can solve.

Trail exam is good

It is always good to take trail exams to test your knowledge regarding English. It is better if you time your English test and keep a track of time as you solve the trail paper. Identify your mistakes and understand where you went wrong. This self evaluation process can help you out to pass TOEFL exam easily.

With these tips in mind, you can easily pass TOEFL exam. Get plenty of sleep the night before your English test. Be confident and time yourself as you solve the English sections in your TOEFL exam paper.