A Guide To Law Study

A study of the legal environment prevalent in ones country not only benefits those who wish to become a professional lawyer but also to those who work in corporate.

development projects at the international level, government, environmental sector and even politics.

Having a degree of law in your kitty can do wonders for your career as you will be instantly known as someone in possession of advanced communication skills, thinking abilities and keen problem solving skills.

There are many areas for the study of law such as human rights, torts, commercial, criminal, environmental, civil, labor, patent, public interest, securities regulation etc. In many countries to become a lawyer one needs the degree of bachelor of law also known as LLB degree.

However in America, you can study law in many ways. For example you can become a lawyer with a degree of Juris Doctor (J.D), with a degree of LLM (Masters Degree in law), and finally with a Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D).

To enroll in a law program for getting the Juris Doctor Degree one has to complete any undergraduate degree program. There is usually no specific requirement related to the course of study in the undergraduate program. A JD degree can be completed only after three years of intense study.

However there are many Universities which mix a JD degree with any other master’s program, thus extending the three years period. To get admitted in a law school the scholar should also get a good score in the LSAT.

A JD degree is not enough to practice law in the United States, the scholar also needs to pass the bar exam. A scholar should pass the bar exam of the state where he or she wishes to practice.

Next, a student can also get a Masters degree in law, known as LLM (Master of Law degree). A LLM degree involves selecting a topic in law and specializing in that topic. As given above, many Law schools combine J.D with the LL.M degree. This course requires only a year for its completion.

Needless to say to enroll in LLM program, one has to get the J.D degree. Finally students of law can also strive to get the highest degree program in law in the USA, known as Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD). SJD is a research oriented law degree program.