ACCA Program

The ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a universal body especially made for professional accountants. This body provides a qualification which helps individuals learn finance, accounts and management. This body has been present for over 10 decades now and headquartered in the United Kingdom. The body has many national offices in various countries.  The program offered by the body has both a international edge as well as delivers local knowledge.

Auditing and financial accounting papers take up international perspectives whereas students get to read local taxation and law and have a local perspective too.

Thus the program is a rare combination of subjects and helps professional enhancements throughout the member’s lifetime.

A student can complete the ACCA qualification by self-studying or by opting for tuition’s. Normally ACCA assigns the imparting of tuition to approved centers. The ACCA professional certification is awarded when students clear the first nine fundamental papers and in the final stage clear three mandatory papers along with two optional papers from out of four papers. At each level, certificates are awarded and exemptions are also available to students who have done some basics levels of management and accountancy studies prior to joining ACCA program. The list of exemptions for individual papers can be sought out for in the ACCA website.

The ACCA program is unique in its sense as the examinations can be written anywhere at ACCA designated centers. Details of these centers are also available on the website.  The ACCA body along with offering the ACCA course, also offers many diploma courses and certificate course. For working professionals, depending on ones education and work experience, a diploma or certificate course can be opted for which gives a cutting edge to the candidate completing the course over the remaining employees.

The body has also associated itself with Cambridge university to provide a BSC degree in applied accounting program along with the ACCA qualification for students enrolling immediately after completion of their schooling.

ACCA has also offers a Oxford Brooks global MBA where ACCA members have an advantage and faster completion facility on finishing the ACCA professional program. Hence the course can be quickly completed and the flexibility to study on-lie with expert tutors and faculty is one more advantage which these members possess.