Accelerated Degree Programs

The accelerated degree programs have helped many students and individuals to gain their education in a short span of time. The major beneficiaries are the people who are working full time and may not have the time to squeeze in a traditional degree program.

For them the accelerated programs are a blessing from heaven. They are generally interested in pursuing a degree as that will help them to advance in their career. Thus the accelerated degree programs provide a perfect foundation to gain that degree in a flexible and convenient manner. The individuals can finish the entire program in half the time taken in a traditional program.

Parents are the other major group of individuals who are taking active interest in these accelerated programs. They are always looking after the household and kids and hence this kind of program enables them to complete their education without living their home. An online accelerated degree program helps them to learn quickly and they don’t need to compromise their household duties while studying for this program. They can make dinner and take care of the kids and concentrate on the studies, all at one time.

Accelerated degree programs take half the time of a traditional degree. This means that the individuals can finish the degree as quickly as possible and enter their choice of career quickly. They can enter the jobs quickly or ask for a raise or promotion after completion of their degree. The accelerated degree programs do no get the step-motherly treatment as before. They are much in demand in today’s world and are the first choice for the busy professionals, first time students or stay at home parents.

Dual Degree Programs

The most popular accelerated dual degree programs are bachelor’s/master’s. The entry to such programs is not easy as the requirements are very stiff. The coursework is combined in order to suit the requirements of both the degree programs. The School of Nursing in the University of Rochester offers a hugely popular accelerated dual degree programs. The dual degrees take a longer time to complete but the total time is definitely shorter than completing the two degrees individually. A normal bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree will take six years but the dual degree program takes only five years to complete.