Accelerated Nursing Programs

One of the most sought after profession today is nursing. The demand for trained health workers has increased manifold in the recent years.

The institutions have introduced courses that promise to churn out better qualified nurses. Some innovations have been introduced to the already existing nursing programs. The number of the accelerated nursing schools and fast-track nursing courses are already on the rise.

Many colleges and institutions have made the enrolling process very rigorous and the curriculum has been tweaked a little to make it strict. This guarantees a better quality of qualified nurses.

The main aim is to produce nurses that do not have theoretical knowledge only but also have reasonably well practical experience. A vast majority of nursing schools accept applications from students who have at least, completed a bachelor’s degree in some field.

But preference is usually given to applicants who have credits in biology or other science subjects. Students from fields like microbiology, human growth and development and anatomy make a beeline for nursing schools.

The accelerated nursing schools lay much emphasis on the fundamentals of nursing. The students cover physiology, pharmacology, biology and anatomy. The students are also exposed to real-life situations so that they gain valuable practical knowledge.

They get a chance to work in medical centers and hospitals so that professional doctors guide them in their training. Thus they get to learn a lot in a very short time span.

Students should bear in mind that training in accelerated nursing schools is very rigid and strict. The 3 year nursing program is fitted into a 13 month program. So you can well imagine how difficult the course is. The class hours are longer and the work pressure is very high. This becomes stressful both mentally and physically. So time management is essential in case you want to excel in this program. You need to spend long hours at the hospital too.

The accelerated programs are really beneficial to the students and the patients. The need for more nurses is easily met through these programs. Nowadays even a degree like Master of Science in Nursing has an accelerated version. The master’s level program takes around three years to get completed.