Accounting Career

There is a common myth that an Accounting career is quite a boring one. Whereas the fact is quite reverse in the reality. Accounting career can not only be a very interesting one but also a challenging one too. If you possess an aptitude towards the numbers, a career in accounting is the most appropriate one for you.

An additional advantage for the accounting professionals is that they are not restricted to any particular industry. Hospital to hotel, media to manufacturing, government or non-government, big or small, each service organization needs an accountant for maintaining the company accounts.

There are number of areas in accounting which one can specialize in and pursue according to ones interest and knack. One such area is Book-keeping. A bookkeeper keeps a track of each and every financial records of the organization which includes payroll, accounts receivable and payable, cash flow etc. A professional may need to engage oneself either in all of the mentioned areas or in the particular ones according to the size of the organization. A bachelor degree in accounts is a must for the job. There are some organizations which may ask for an on-job experience also.

Another very important career option in Accountancy is the Auditor. An auditor needs to check and assure that the financial flow of the company either in or out is a factual one and that the company is running efficiently and honestly. An auditor may be an internal one who is employed by the company to examine the company records or may be an external one who is contracted by the company for the similar purpose. Along with a degree in Accountancy, an additional degree of Certified Public Accountant or CPA is a helpful one for obtaining the job in this area.

Another opportunity that exists in the accounting sector is that of a Tax Accountant. A tax accountant advises on the ways of tax savings and investments along with the preparation of the tax statements. A tax accountant may work individually or can be employed by a corporate. A specialized knowledge in the field of tax, laws and economics is an essential one for this career. Also, training in local and federal tax law is an added advantage.

Apart from these, the other career options that an accountancy degree holder may have are that of a financial analyst or an accounting clerk. One may start as an intern or a junior clerk but as the experience grows the designations keeps rising along with the remuneration.