Adelaide University- Among The Top Group Of Australian Universities

The University of Adelaide was set up in 1874 and is a medium sized University that has students coming in from all over the world. With its research and teaching activities and also for curriculum development, it has been ranked among the top Australian Universities.

The University has been remarkably innovative and works with a forward though. This University has given out to the world a number of Rhodes Scholars apart from three Noble Prize winners, which is inclusive of two for physics and one in the field of medicine.

The Courses that are offered by this University have an international recognition. They are inclusive of agriculture, engineering, law, business, mathematics, computer sciences, architecture, music, teaching, humanities, social sciences, medicine and dentistry, teaching and sciences. These courses are available at the undergraduate and post graduate levels.

There are short-term programs with Study Abroad and Exchange programs. In the post-graduate level, it is most reputed for biotechnology, molecular biology, engineering, environment, natural resource management, information technology and communications.

Candidates are selected to all programs only based on academic merit. Students for admissions are allowed to choose up to 6 courses, lining them from first to last, in the order of preference. International students can either apply directly to the University or through the University’s Official international representative.

The international student application form for such students is available on the University’s website. After the filling in of the form and attaching to it all the required original or certified copies of various certificates including academic qualifications, tests for English language, in case it is required, transcripts and all other supporting documents are to be sent to their address.

An application fee has to be paid. This, if it is being paid by credit card, the details of the card have to be mentioned on the application form. Else, a bank draft can also be attached for AUD $50. In case of applications that are submitted by using the facilities of the University’s International representatives, this requirement for an application fee is waived. The courses offered in University of Adelaide are popular across the world and students from different countries come and graduate from here.