Albany State University, USA

Albany State University was established in 1903 and is the first choice for students of Atlanta and Georgia. The university has a great as many of the distinguished personalities from the field of sports, print media and education have passed out from this university.

The university offers a large number of undergraduate courses and degrees. The university has the best amenities in education, extra-curricular activities, scholarships and the best campus too!

The campus offers programs in Arts & humanities, business and science. The major areas of studies are business administration, science, M. Ed, nursing, special education, English literature, health education, mathematics and criminal justice. The James Pendergrast Memorial library has earned widespread recognition.

The campus has around 30 undergraduate degree programs and 6-8 higher degrees and diplomas. Students from all over United States come to this prestigious university for studying. The campus has huge talent in the fields of arts and music. There have been many successful music bands that had their education from this prestigious university.

The university has excelled in the field of sports too. Football, baseball and basketball have been very popular and the university even has their own cheerleaders. The sports team has won quite a number of shield championships and this is a matter of pride on campus. Olympic champion Alice Coachman is one of the glittering alumni of this prestigious university.

US News & World Report has rated this university very highly when it comes to educational courses and training programs. Albany State University is a favorite among undergraduates. The university finds a place in the local college directory and in the various information portals for US education.

Undergraduate Admissions

Applying to Albany State University is an easy three step process. First, you need to submit your application online. Then you need to send your official test scores and their transcripts and in the final stage complete your FAFSA. The University does give preference to some students in the following manner –

SAT: Critical Reading 430 & Maths 400
ACT: English 17 & Math 17

This means that if you have taken the SAT and you got a minimum of 400 in Maths and 430 in Critical Reading then you already have taken a step in the right direction.