All About An Exit interview

You decide to move on from your current job and tender your resignation. Very close to your last working day in your current organization, a representative from the firm’s human resources department will most likely call you for an informal discussion.

Known as Exit Interview, most employers these days do conduct this interview for departing employees. An exit interview could be a verbal discussion with the company representative during which he/she would note down your feedback. Alternatively, an exit interview could also be in form of a questionnaire.Exit interviews are a new trend these days as most employers want to get feedback from departing employees on the working conditions in their organization and what they can do to improve the work culture and employee satisfaction among its work force. Organizations implement the feedback given by departing employees to better the career growth and work environment, leading to less attrition and better employee retention.

During an exit interview you may be asked the reasons for your leaving the company, level of job satisfaction, etc. You may also be asked whether you were satisfied with the performance review process of the company and the compensation, benefits, etc that were given to you. The company representative may also ask you to give suggestions on what they can do to better manage people and foster a good working environment like how you would perceive it.

While an exit interview may not be an extremely important milestone in your career, it is important that you handle it effectively and diplomatically. Remember, that though you may be leaving the organization it doesn’t help to burn bridges with your current employer. Refrain from over-whelming criticism of the company’s policies and do not directly speak negative about any particular employee of the current organization.

Give honest yet subtle replies to what you thought were the negative aspects of being associated with your current employer. Wherever possible do give constructive suggestions on what can be done to make it a better work place for current and future employees. Some companies also give the option of not taking the exit interview. In such cases, you may use your discretion to decide whether or not you want to participate in this exit formality.