All about George Fox University

George Fox University is a Christian university, specializing in liberal arts and sciences. Though its origin can be traced back to 1885 when it started as Friends Pacific Academy, it started as a college only in 1891- as Pacific College. Since, it was the brain child of the pioneers of Quaker movement; in 1949, it changed its name to George Fox College to honor Mr George Fox, the founder of Quaker Movement.

The college was re-christened as the George Fox University in 1996 after it merged with Western Evangelical Seminary.Today, with an endowment of around $20 million its sprawling main campus is spread over an area of 108 acres in Newberg, Oregon, United States. Along with its Newberg campus, it also has regional centers in Portland, Salem, Redmond and Boise.

The George Fox University has over 3300 students combining together its undergraduate and graduate courses offered at main campus and 4 other regional centers. The university proffers graduate degrees in the fields of business, counseling, education, psychology and seminary.

At the same time, students do look forward to pursue their undergraduate studies in many subjects such as accounting, arts, music, mathematics, applied health, entrepreneurship, global business, cinema/media communications and many others.

This university is based upon a mission of providing an education that can help students grow academically, professionally and spiritually. In its pursuit of providing such an all-embracing education, the university places complete faith in its 364 strong faculty. They are the people who have got their priorities right to provide individual attention to all the students. The George Fox University prides in its faculty ratio of 12:1, which is lowest among all the educational institutions in Oregon and neighboring regions.

The University tries to bring about a seamless balance between academics and athletics. There are fifteen varsity sports offered to the students, eight for women and seven for men. Athletics teams of the University are known as Bruins.

Keeping in view all these facts, it’s not a surprise that the George Fox University was ranked as the best Christian College in America finding a place in Forbe’s list of America’s best 100 colleges for the year 2009-10.