Alternate Career Options

Have you ever thought of this – how many doctors and engineers do we actually need? If everybody wanted to become one, as the present trend is, probably there will be such a huge surplus of doctors and engineers that we won’t know what to do with them.

Not a very pleasurable scenario, is it? With the advent of information technology (IT), people are also running in hordes in that direction.

So there is basically a polarization of sorts towards some occupations and career options while others are not so much in vogue. However, there should not be any reason for such a behavior, as there re many alternate career options which are as lucrative, and sometimes even more so.

And lucrative not only means in terms of the money you will be paid, it also means other factors like your over all job satisfaction. Of course,if you are successful in these alternate career paths, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make as well. This article aims to give you two such ‘off-beat’ career options. Read on for more information.

  • Career in aviation

Interested in flying? Then this is the career for you! The aviation industry is growing at a fast rate all over the world. With more disposable income, more and more people are taking to flying with gusto. As business grows, travel being an integral component of business transactions, grows as well. Naturally, the aviation industry and the various airlines across the world are the beneficiaries from this increase in interest in flying.

This growth is here to stay for a long time to come, and experts don’t really foresee a major slump in the aviation industry any time in the near future. This spells huge career prospects for you. The are various extremely glamorous and well paying jobs associated with the aviation industry that you can try out for. These include pilots, cabin crew, ground control staff etc. All of these are not only high paying, satisfying and glamorous, they are hugely respectable as well.

  • Career in fashion

Fashion has always been, and as far as the foreseeable future goes, will be big, all around the world. In such a scenario, those with the zeal, creativity and stamina (it’s a very competitive industry) to make it big in fashion, are in for a very satisfying career in the industry. There are not only the indigenous brands in the fashion industry of any particular country nowadays.

There are a number of foreign players who have or are entering the market in almost every country. This naturally spells huge opportunities for people pursuing a career in fashion. Various profiles you can pursue in the industry are – designer, model, technical assistant, fabric specialist etc.

As we saw in this article, there are off-beat career opportunities galore nowadays. If they are utilized properly, they can help your career grow to unimaginable heights.


I am Deepanjan Datta doing electrical engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, India. I love to write, and develop software programs.