Amherst College

Amherst College, is situated at Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest national liberal arts colleges of America.

Amherst College is a private institution by registration and was founded in the year 1821 in the town of Amherst that has a population of 35000.

The college campus is spread in a lavish 1000 acre land adjacent to downtown Amherst. The college colors for Amherst are purple and white. Amherst College is basically an undergraduate and residential college having seven residential halls for its students. The college offers Bachelor of Arts degree to its students in nearly 40 different areas of specialization.

The college follows semester based calendar for its academics. Amherst College offers its academic programs covering a wide range of subjects such as English language and literature, biology and biological science, economics, political science and government, psychology etc.

The current total student enrollment of 1744 undergraduates at Amherst College includes 869 males and 875 females. At the same time the faculty strength at Amherst is 203 full time instructors. The total fee at Amherst College is approximately $48000. More than fifty percentage of the student population receive financial aid in the form of scholarships from the college. The average help in such cases as per college records is approximately $41000.

An interesting feature of Amherst College is its open curriculum initiative which makes it possible for students to select and design their own curriculum, subject to certain minor academic conditions and with no general background education requirements. The college also offers extensive opportunities for the students to undertake research activities with faculties in a collaborative environment.

Another opportunity provided by the college for its students is the choice of taking courses for credit with other members of ‘Five Colleges Consortium’ such as University of Massachusetts, Hampshire college, Smith and Mount Holyoke at Amherst. The students are also offered free bus service for utilizing the above opportunity.

Apart from academics, Amherst College also supports athletic programs and cappella groups.Some of the popular Amherst College alumni include – Former US president Calvin Coolidge and Former Chief Justice of US Supreme Court Harlan Fiske Stone.

To know more about Amherst College and its admission procedures and other details, visit the college website or mail