An Introduction To Communication Studies

Communication studies deals with everything related to communication – people involved, message sent and received, distance, environment and time needed for communication.

Communication affects everything starting from our personal life, organizational life, marketing success, and the relationship with society & government etc.

This also means communication covers in itself a wide range of dimensions such as written communication (literature study), face to face communication (behavior and personality), speech communication, media and broadcasting etc.

This field of academic study is also known by many related names such as speech communication, mass communication, rhetorical study, media studies etc. This academic discipline therefore studies interpretation of messages, the many dimensions of speech and the different types of languages.

Communication studies is deeply related to many other field of studies such as – social sciences, humanity, sociology, anthropology, political science, literature studies etc. This field of study is also taught for science related topics such as engineering, mathematics, IT, architecture and even for gender studies.

In communication studies one can specialize and study a variety of subjects such as communication history, Global communication, Journalism, organizational communication, Political science and communication, Public relations, Visual media studies, transgender and even cultural studies.

Communication studies is a popular program of study and usually is chosen by students as part of their undergraduate, post graduate and research works. In the undergraduate level, communication studies is a popular course for students with maximum enrollments.At the graduate level, students can opt for a Master’s degree program in communication studies such as a Master of Arts as well as a Master of Science in communication. And finally at the post graduate level, students can opt for enrolling in Doctorate degree program in communication studies.

Some of the popular communication studies graduate school programs include those from Kent State University, Ohio and the University of Texas, Austin. The Kent State University offers a PhD program as well as a MA in communication studies.

The University of Texas also offers a Masters of Arts in communication studies along with the doctorate degree program. Apart from these, we have the University of Minnesota, University of Michigan, San Jose State University and University of Tennessee among the leading communication studies centers.

From a career prospects, a student of communication studies can become a teacher, editor, researcher, journalist, HR Manager, PR Officer, consultant, trainer etc.