An Overview of the University of California

The University of California, often referred as UC in its shortened form is a public education system with 10 campuses under its direct control. Apart from it there is an affiliated law school and one national laboratory. UC represents the uppermost part of the three-tier education system of the state of California.

The university was established through a law, called the organic law, in the year 1864. Thereafter, its first campus was opened at Berkeley in the year 1873. In the same year, San Francisco based Tolland Medical College first accepted to become medical department of the university, and later transformed into San Francisco campus of the university.

Rest of the nine campuses of the university in chronological order of their foundation is: UC San Francisco(1873), UC Davis (1908), UC Los Angeles(1919), UC Santa Barbara(1944), UC Riverside(1954), UC San Diego(1960), UC Irvine(1965), UC Santa Cruz(1965), UC Merced(2005).

Apart from these, the university opened its first law school in the year 1878. It is known as Hastings College of the law. By far, the University of California is one of the biggest providers of education.

Collective student body of all the campuses stands at around 200,000. Number of faculty members to teach and train these students stand at more than 13,000. These students enroll to undergraduate and graduate courses offered at nine campuses of the university, with the exception of San Francisco campus. It only offers graduate and professional courses in medicine and health sciences.

The functioning of eight campuses of the university is based over quarter system. However, Berkeley and Merced campus operate under the semester system. The university takes pride in the quality of faculty available at different campuses.

Among the collective faculty of the University of California, there are 19 Fulbright Scholars, 254 members of the National academy of sciences, 389 members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, 25 MacArthur Fellows, 13 laureates of National Medal of Science and no less than 37 Nobel Laureates. Is there anything else left to be said about the faculty quality at the university?

No doubt, the University of California is doing exactly what its motto says- Let there be light.