Animation course has tremendous scope

Education today has opened doors for many different courses. There is flexibility in the learning system, choosing a right course can be challenging for the career is based on what one opts to study. Basic criteria to pursue a course should include interest towards the subject, aptitude such as how good you are at the subject and career opportunities, as this can enhance the skill to achieve success.

Studies are generally based on theoretical/practical knowledge and its applications or purely on art and creativity. Some are born with innate talent and for some inner potential is to be tapped all that one need is to give a larger dimension to their talent by joining the right course. Creative talents can be pursued by joining animation. It is a boon to artist who has excellent drawing skills.

Animation is the technique of filming a sequence of drawings or positions of models to create an illusion of movement. Animated characters like Donald duck, Tom and Jerry all time favorite cartoons that entertain us, movie Stuart little is creative work of the artists.

Popular courses in Animation include

  • 3D Animation
  • Flash Animation
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Computer graphic Animation
  • Digital Animation courses

The duration of the courses can vary. Animation can also be pursued as a degree course which develops the skill in drawing, design and color theory, clay modelling, etc touching areas that hone the skill of the creator blending imaginations with sophisticated techniques. To land a job in this field portfolio is essential, a collection of student’s art and digital work. It is a documentation of their creative abilities, showcasing their talent. The competition is tough in the industry; hence the portfolio should them apart from other animators

Animation is a booming industry with wide range of job opportunities in films, television internet, advertising, educational areas, production, product designing, interior designing, aviation, medical visualization etc. In today’s advanced technology there is great demand for animators & one can be absorbed as graphics designer, visual artist, digital 2D animator, 3D animator, game developer, etc. The jobs in these fields is highly rewarding and paying.