Arcadia University: The College of Global Studies

Arcadia University is oldest college as many Students have got educational benefits from it. Its providing educational services for more than 5o years Since it was first established in 1853. For its educational excellence and the tuition it provided it embossed a great impact on the society.

Many successful people have got their bachelors and masters degree from it. Now with the ever increasing demand for quality education it has expanded into a few branches fulfilling the need of students.

The University has now diversified into three major categories as to separation of arts business and global studies. These three colleges are The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, The College of Business, Health and Sciences and The College of Global Studies. The college of global studies is a huge expansion as you can enter into South Africa, Germany, Europe, Africa, China and India too. It provides students with the opportunity to select a course in summer or complete their graduation in any of the listing country and go there to explore different traditions and cultures.

The main aim of Arcadia University is to provide society with useful brilliant citizens. The college offers students with inter college transfer options .There is an internship program for those who wants to get practical experience before completing their degree and to understand external environment better. Summer programs and civil service learning programs provide at college helps students perform much better and see while studying how to apply studies in real life. Scholarships for bright students motivate students to get good grades. The strategy of college is to completely transform students in excellent leaders at their fields.

It is a brilliant idea to provide students with an option to select either study in their home country or to go for Masters and Ph.D. level in any foreign country through college. In order to help students in the research work there is a research center. The facility to use this center is open for foreign students. Researches related to analytical procedures can also be done here. The founder of this college of Global studies are very much sure of its success. As they have provided best faculty to serve international students and to provide them guidance in to which specific program they should specializes. There is a careful assessment being done upon students to identify their area of expertise.

The university has affiliated with many renowned employers that provide students with the opportunity to join them after completing their degree program at the university and the amazing thing about this is that international employers are very much interested in using the highly qualified students of the University by using their expertise and bringing new generation ideas in use for there company’s operations. It is a very charming opportunity as job market has tough competition. Students must consider these all factors for choosing the college as it is a matter for a successful career.