Art School of the Aegean, Greece

The Art School of Aegean was founded in the year 1966 in the historical place of Paros, Greece. This is an autonomous body where people from all over the world come to learn music, creative writing and visual arts. The art school of Aegean is a nonprofit making organization. This art school provides the best possible courses in the subject and that too at affordable prices.

Art School of Aegean has two campuses, one Tuscany in Italy and the other one on the Aegean Island at Greece. The spring session of the courses conducted at Art School or Aegean takes place at the Paros Island on the historical market streets in the main village. Art School of Aegean’s fall sessions are conducted at the two campuses, in Italy and Greece.

The Art School of Aegean also provides unique and satisfying courses where the students are offered the best academic coaching and help them to broaden their views. The faculty and staff members at the Art School of Aegean are all well known personalities in their fields. The faculty members who teach at the Arts School of Aegean include Jeffrey Carson, Elizabeth Carson, Orfeas John Munsey, Peter Abb, Jun-Pierra Shiozawa and many others. John Pack is teaching digital photography to all the students at the Arts school of Aegean since 1984. Jane pack is a painter and also the head of the studio arts at the Arts School of Aegean.

Courses conducted at the Art School of Aegean include art of singing, painting, drawing, figure drawing, digital photography, black and white photography, creative writing, print making, etc. In the fall session of the courses conducted at Arts School of Aegean all students are taught with the art history of all the courses conducted at the arts school. Art School of Aegean conducts lectures and seminars for all the students for different subjects so that the students gain knowledge from expert’s point of view.

Students are provided with accommodation at Paros. They are given a single studio apartment which has a kitchen and a private bathroom. One apartment is given to each student. Students are supplied with the basic amenities such as kitchen appliance, towels, and sheets. This separate accommodation to all students is provided at the Art school of Aegean in Greece since 1966. These apartments are at a walking distance from the art school.