Asbury University

Asbury University is one of the leading institutions for communication and is located in the state of Kentucky, USA. The university has students from as many as 44 countries with majority of them living on campus. The university boasts of some real experienced scholars who have done research in their respective fields. There are in total 14 academic departments offering majors in 49 subjects along with master’s degrees and various certification programs.

Asbury University is spread over 65 acres and has more than 30 buildings, athletic fields and a cross-country course. The University has all usual facilities like the Student Health Center, Library, Residence Halls, an auditorium and a cafeteria.The University offers many opportunities for students’ involvement and interaction and this is not limited to campus only. Every major comprises of internships, exchange programs and loads of community services. The main departments of the University are: Arts, Behavioral Sciences, Theology, Political Science, Communication Arts, Education, English, Social Work, History, Mathematics, Music, Natural Sciences and World Languages.

The University offers both Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees. The former is a residential program with as many as 50 majors and one can obtain either a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate Degree. Graduate studies have good accreditation and provides universally recognized for mature students holding a bachelor’s degree.

Finance is a major hurdle in pursuing higher education and Asbury University completely understands that. They have a Financial Aid office which helps the students in achieving their dreams. Institutional and Federal Financial Aids are available for selected students based on their needs and academic achievements. Full – time and Part – time state aids are also available for the students. However, an offer of Financial Aid is available to only those who have received Official Acceptance from the Admissions Office and completed all the essential paperwork required by the University for the granting of Financial Aid.

The University accepts applications through its online portal. It is a six step process whereby you can complete the entire application form and submit it to the Admissions Office. They have a helpline number which is 1 – 800 – 888 – 1818. For students willing to apply right away to be a student of this center for excellence they can do so by clicking on

Asbury University