Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is located at New Zealand, and consists of a student body of more than 20,000 students. The university has three campuses: the Wellesley campus, Akoranga campus and the Manukau campus. AUT offers a variety of diplomas, pre-degree courses, undergraduate and post-graduate programs under various schools. These schools include the schools of Business, Art and Design, Engineering, Health Sciences, Education, Communications, Hospitality and Tourism, Languages and Social Sciences, Law, Computing and Mathematical Sciences and more.

Some of the undergraduate programs offered at AUT include Bachelor degrees in Design, Visual Arts, Business, Communication Studies, Mathematical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, International Hospitality Management, etc. Post-graduate courses offered by the Auckland University of Technology include Master degrees in Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Tourism Studies, Creative Writing, Applied Science, Education, Business Administration, etc. Master of Philosophy and Doctorate courses are also offered.

The university has sports and fitness centers, which include dance studios, a multi-use stadium, a weight fitness studio, golf swing clinic, etc. There are also sports clubs dedicated to basketball, netball, volleyball, etc, at AUT. The university also has good research and library facilities.

Social organizations at AUT, include the student union known as AuSM (Auckland Students’ Movement). There are two bars run by AuSM at the Wellesley and Akoranga campuses.

In order to qualify for a course, students need to fulfill the credit requirements. International students whose native language is not English, have to take an accepted English proficiency test, preferably the International English Language Test System (IELTS). AUT offers accommodation to its students at Wellington Student Apartments and Akoranga Student Village.

The Auckland University of Technology offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate and post-graduate students. International scholarships are also available. Student loans, allowances, and work-study options are also offered to students. International students are usually permitted to work part-time and during the summer if they wish.

However, working full-time is not permitted during the academic year. International students, who have completed their chosen course, can also apply for an Open Work Visa and Permit, which allows them to reside in New Zealand to find full-time employment.


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