Bachelor of Business Administration – An Overview

Business Administration is one of the hot courses which every teenager dreams to educate themselves. The most important fact of choosing a course is the aspiration of the future from a family who decide their course of social status. There are plenty of choices which one considers to explain the expectations from one another under mutual habitat. All the decisions which point the basic need of the family forms a complete course of future expectations.

The people who are from dynamic, calculative and economic mindset are mentally prepared to take BBA course. The first year of this course teaches basic economics and business as an organization. The term ‘Organization’ is elaborated in many aspects and taken to the extent of knowing a plot for organizing a business right from the point of building and setting up an infrastructure for the business.

The second year takes through the basic functions of a business and it’s evolution since ages. This year gives a formal overview for the people who are expected to take responsibility of their belongings which are family and assets at an early age. As we all know education is even for poor and the rich. Under this pretext, the second year forms the foundation for the long term goals for ambitious individuals who aim to be the problem solvers. Students are specially trained in decision making theory and leadership skills wherever the turn of lecture demands.

The third year teaches the student in organizational change, employment and macro economics. This makes a complete business professional under any circumstances. There are many institutions who offer this course some. Although the graduation is not taken seriously by top management schools the graduation still forms the base for the post graduation. The career options for a business graduate is a wide array, for example; banking and finance, BPO, KPO, Insurance, Marketing and Advertising, Media and Entertainment, Journalism, Hotel Management, etc.

The life beyond graduation in business administration is just the beginning of understanding the capabilities and skills of the manpower which has given its potential to serve a business. In a given environment, a person becomes capable to become an analyst which makes him/her eligible to pursue a master’s course. There are various benefits by becoming a graduate in business administration which are social and economical. Under social grounds, one becomes a leader, moderator and a researcher of values while economically the person is a financial asset of the business till it exists. If you are interested in this course the first place look for is colleges that offer graduation in this discipline. Besides, this course is also offered in a distance learning package by universities like Sikkim Mainpal University, IGNOU and others with Deemed status.


Hello! My name is Krishnamoorthy M Bhattacharya. I am a post graduate in Business administration and hereby sharing my knowledge with students and readers about literacy and education. I hope my blog is useful for you.