Be a Career Counselor

You like to give free advice to people and keep a lot of updates on new vistas in career. Then becoming a career counselor is easy for you. Here are some pointers to help you become a successful career counselor.

It is important to understand that the main job of a career counselor is to help people make right career decisions. This can be achieved in many ways. By evaluating the person’s education, personality traits, interests and work history you get some foreground. To get further information you need to set up aptitude and achievement tests and then work with the individual to secure the right job for him. As a career counselor you also have to deal with various other facets of job like handling stress, losing a job and other aspects related to job transition.

To be a good career counselor you need to undergo some kind of formal training. It is generally required for a career counselor to have a master degree in counseling. However in most states a bachelor degree along with some coursework in counseling is sufficient.  A career counseling course has eight main areas, they are relationships, social and cultural diversity, group work, human growth and development, professional identity, assessment, career development and research and program evaluation.

A master degree includes supervised clinical counseling experience. It is important for a career counselor to hold a license but in most states a passing score is enough. Having a license also entails that you have to attend graduate studies, workshops and personal studies.

There is a growing demand for counselors in today’s world, as careers and job changes becomes widespread and there is a growing awareness of the key role played by the counselor. There is an increased opportunity in private job training centers for people who want to learn a new skill. As a career counselor you can expect to earn an average salary ranging between $38,686 and $48,170, if not more.

You must have an innate desire to help others meet their career goals and build a personality which exudes trust, confidence, respect and inspiration. These traits automatically make other people rely on you and generate a camaraderie which provides a good working environment.