Be a Fashion Stylist

Fashion is the buzzword and looking glamorous is every woman’s desire. Getting in a designer outfit and sporting the right accessories are daunting task.
The celebs and models have their personal fashion stylist to give them a hot and trendy look. You may ask what a fashion designer does.
Well a fashion designer only designs the clothes whereas a fashion stylist can guide you in the proper channel of selecting the right clothes and the accessories to give a complete look. Fashion industry is growing fast, there is great growth potential and every skill attained in this field can take you to great heights.
A fashion stylist can create a simple outfit into eye-catching design just by adding some details or embellishments. The highly skilled professionals can transform the ordinary looking outfit into beautiful attire by innovative creations. They are in huge demand for their ability to create trends and present the fashion conscious elegantly styled in a high social circuit or in an evening party.
The innate talent in a fashion stylist can create something new from non significant items and pave the way for making it a fashion statement. A fashion stylist should be able to visualize the entire make over in a person right from the shoes, hairdo and the way one would carry the whole ensemble at the first glimpse. That imagination allows the flow and the aura they can create in the fashionistas can be mesmerizing.
You are quiet eager to know the requirements to be a fashion stylist. Well, you need not have a big degree but a certificate course in fashion styling is all that you require for making it big in the fashion world and having an edge in the competitive job market.
Some perceive that only those that have an eye for detailing, flair for creating style can be a fashion stylist. But anyone who has the ability to learn can develop ‘eye’ for fashion.

Once you develop the niche as a fashion stylist, it opens the door for many exciting business or you can tread into many different careers .
You can style the models for the cat walk or enter the glossy style magazine with your creation or style someone for the photo shoot. It is a lucrative career, you set the trend and everyone follows it blindly. Isn’t that something wonderful you create the style to follow!!!