Become a Sports Massage Therapist

Being a Sports Massage Therapist is an exciting and satisfying career choice. But before you jump head along in this profession you must be sure that is the right choice for you. You should be a friendly and helpful person with the goal of relieving people from their bodily pain and helping them lead a better physical life.

First find out the qualificational requirements of a sports massage therapist in your state. Gather information on the local government as well as private agencies that run the massage therapy centres in your area.

Get in touch with a reputable school, institute or vocational college that offers courses in sports massage therapy. Ensure that the course offered meets the required standards of the place you might want to work.

Once your training in sports massage therapy gets underway, start looking for public hospitals and private practise clinics that cater to sports massage needs of the athletes. You can also check out sports and health clubs and various sports medicine clinics for more information on how to start your career. There are some spa care centres and gyms as well that employ sports massage therapists.

While you are still under training volunteer to work in any of the above mentioned places to get a firsthand experience on the working conditions and professional demands of these places. Volunteer work will also help you make a network of clients that will be helpful when you might want to start your private practice later.

Try to learn various massage techniques excluding the sports massage therapy. Also keep your knowledge on massages up-to-date by reading journals and sports and health related magazines.

You will have to apply for a working license once your certification in sports massage therapy is completed. Your certification should be a combination of related courses, clinical work under supervision, references from teachers, supervisors and even clients, and exams.

Many states require you to have completed around 500 to 1,000 hours of coursework. This will include study of anatomy, biology, physiology, law and theory.100 hours of clinical supervision is a mandatory requirement. Your work ethics should be impeccable. You should have cleared all exams; viva, theory and practical.

To be a sports massage therapist requires long hours of standing and doing strenuous massaging. To keep up all the physical work you should yourself be in top form to withstand the physical labor.