Become a successful feature writer

A person with a strong command over language can become a feature writer. Feature writing involves writing engagingly on a chosen subjective topic. Unlike a reporting assignment, feature writing may not necessarily be fact based and consist of short stories, book reviews, film reviews and even critique on current political or social situations.

A good feature writer must have an extensive vocabulary. He must be able to use language innovatively and write in such a manner as to hold his readership captive in each edition. Thus, a feature writer must select interesting topics to write on. Selecting a good topic is often the biggest challenge for a feature writer.

You can get story ideas from your day-to-day life. Paying attention to conversations between your friends and neighbors can also give you some good feature ideas. You can also develop good feature articles based on some interesting news reports published in a newspaper.

For example, if there are frequent reports of thefts in your locality, you can use that information to consolidate an article on the modus operandi of thieves in recent times. Talk to policemen, housewives and elderly to get their views on the rising menace. Add your views to the article and write in a lucid manner. This could make an interesting, timely article which your readers would like to read.

Writing about your pets, gardening, the latest film and the recent political controversy in a tone that is witty and analytical will make you more popular as a feature writer. You can use all elements of language like pun, sarcasm, dry wit, humor and poetry to make your feature articles interesting.

To be a successful feature writer, you must have an eye for detail. Your descriptive power must be fairly high and you must be able to describe even commonplace events with great lucidity so that the reader appreciates what he is reading for its rich language and style.

Try to use innovative adjectives and adverbs in your feature article. Keep away from clich├ęs for this bores the reader. Use fresh language to engage your readers and your features will immediately become popular.