Benefits of Two – Year Colleges

The traditional four-year education is slowly giving way to the more cost friendly two-year degrees. In today’s world where the job market is affected by inflation, global politics and outsourcing; the two-year degree does make sense.

Nowadays there are many people applying for a position. So the employer tries to look for people who have specific skills rather than just a four-year degree from a college. The degree is still important but the additional skills and qualifications make the CV more worthy. There are many reasons why a student might embark on his education with a two-year college degree.


The average cost of education at a two-year college is only $2500 whereas a four – year college will make you poorer by $7000 if you are an in-state student and $11500 if you are an out-of-state student. Private four-year colleges can ask as much as $26,000 as tuition fees and other expenses. Add to this the time that will be taken to pay back the student loans. In such a scenario, a two-year college not only saves time but all the precious, hard-earned money.

Specific Skills:

Four-year institutions typically offer degrees in conventional subjects like philosophy, cultural studies and English. But the two-year colleges offer vocational courses and programs that will be helpful in today’s trading world. So the student passes out with some specific and special skills.


The main advantage of two-year schools is that most of them are linked with local employers. So students are in a position to choose classes that will help them to find a job in their favored industry. The students focus on internships which help them to build connections in the industry.


Many students who do not have a GPA to boast off usually get enrolled in a two-year college before graduating to a four-year institution. The credits earned at a two-year college are transferable and can be used in four-year colleges to speed up the education. A recent survey has revealed that 46% of the students in US begin their education in two-year colleges.

Many people have a wrong notion that the job market is only open to four-year college graduates. But the truth is that students from two-year colleges too rule the job market in their own right. A graduate can hope for a median annual salary $77,000 as a computer specialist.