Best Biomedical Engineering Schools

Best Biomedical Engineering Schools Biomedical Engineering is one career path which opens up great opportunities and promises a good pay package. Biomedical engineering looks to close the gap between engineering and medicine by proper application of the engineering principles in the medical field.

There are many areas of medical science which needs timely intervention of engineering techniques. A qualified biomedical engineer will be equipped to repair medical equipments and play an active role in transplantation. Medical students who are passionate about engineering can feel that biomedical engineering is the right career path for them.

A biomedical engineer should have reasonable expertise in the fields of medical science and biological science. He must come with good solutions and for that he needs proper training and a sound education. It will be an advantage if you pass out from any of the top ranked biomedical engineering schools.

John Hopkins University, Baltimore

John Hopkins University is the best school for biomedical engineering. In fact, it is ranked #1 for undergraduate engineering by many publications. The students are given an in-depth study of biomedical engineering in this prestigious institute. The school has four divisions for biomedical engineering namely The Applied Physics Laboratory, School of Arts & Sciences, the School of Engineering and School of Medicine. Students who get admitted for studying biomedical engineering has courses from any or all of the divisions and they also take part in various clinical projects too.

Best Biomedical Engineering Schools

University of Washington, Seattle

The University of Washington has long been regarded as a premier institute for studying biomedical engineering. In fact, it was ranked as high as 5th in 2010. The University has made some real good progress in organic electronics and has as many as 237 faculty members. The tuition fees are very low and full tuition fees are waived off for Washington residents.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta

This is a good institute for biomedical engineering and has a JV with School of Medicine, Emory University. The Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering is very well respected here. There is an option for the students to enroll in a six month study abroad program that will enable them to work on a range of biomedical cases abroad.

Best Biomedical Engineering Schools

The above-mentioned three schools are considered to be the world’s best in biomedical engineering. Millions of students apply to these schools every year but the stringent requirements ensure that only the cream of student gets through. Getting to any of these schools is really tough; so it is a good idea to keep your options open and keep in mind the other institutes which are fast gaining reputation in biomedical engineering. If you pass out from any of the following institutes you will be assured of a decent job and a good salary package. The other featured biomedical engineering colleges would be

•    University of California, San Diego
•    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
•    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
•    University of Michigan, Ann-Harbor
•    Boston University, Boston
•    Stanford University, Stanford

You should make an earnest effort to get admitted into any of these schools as you will get an opportunity to learn from the best faculty. The experience that you will gather while studying in these schools will give you a strong foothold when you embark on your career in the field of biomedical engineering.