Best Business Schools In The World

Most students, of today’s generation, have a plan of post graduation in Management conceived during the inception of under graduation. Students are highly vigilant.

Therefore, several researches are conducted every year to update students with information on the best business schools. Based on this information, most graduates select a management institute for their higher studies.

Businesses are the locomotives that pull the economies all over the world, and who would not want to grab the driver’s seat and direct the train? Yes, several graduates intend to and as result we see umpteen new business schools joining the queue.

Harvard University in Boston is one such university that has close to 1,800 admissions for a full time graduation course. With the reputation that it has earned so far and with talents like Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) adding invincible fame to the school, who would not want to be a part of this prestigious institute.

Stanford University of California bags the second place. However it is not anywhere close to the enrollments of Harvard University. In fact enrollment in Stanford is lesser than half of the admission in Harvard. Not everyone can afford or not everyone can grab the chance to be a part of such a great university.Nonetheless there is an escape clause.

Graduates can always afford to go for a distant education that these universities provide. Of course, the process is not simple. It requires abundant hard work and several preliminary examinations to qualify to be a part of such renowned universities.

The third most renowned university is Massachusetts Institute of Technology which is located in Cambridge. This university has better enrollment rates than Stanford, and a varied range of courses that attract students from across the world.

People who have missed to find their admission with these universities can always make an attempt to be part of Northwestern University of Evanston. It is equally reputed with facilities of full time graduation as well as distance education options.

University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania from where several scientists have emerged, Darmouth College, University of California, New York University, Yale University, University of Michigan and University of Virginia bag the subsequent ranks in this order.

Thanks to the technology that has facilitated distance education, people who cannot afford to travel abroad and study in these universities, can still be a part of these prestigious management universities from their home country.