Best College Essays

The college essays should always have a purpose. It should not be a collection of random thoughts and neither should it give a signal that it has been written merely to reach the required word count.

There are some universities which allow you to write on a topic of your own while others may actually give you the topic to write. But whatever be the case, you must take care to ensure that the essay tells the reader about something, the reader enjoys it and it forces him to take an action upon reading the essay.

The best college essays will achieve its goals easily while the bad ones do not catch the attention of the university. There are many essay received by the colleges which are grammatically correct and have excellent structure but have no real purpose. No wonder, these essays do not achieve their goals.

Teach the reader

The admission essays, the academic essays and the scholarship essays have one thing in common between them – they strive to teach the reader something. Admission essays tells you about the person who is writing it, the academic essays are written on a given topic while the scholarship essays will tell you the needs and the ability of the person. The person who is reading your essay may already know a great deal about you but you must present your essay in such a manner that it seems a new of information to him.

The reader should enjoy

The essay written by the applicant should have the power to please the person who is reading it. The academic and the scholarship essays should be able to force the reader to appreciate your work. You should write an essay keeping in mind the traditions and the values of the institution.

The academic essays are the most important and they should be written with utmost care. At the same time you must ensure that the essay does not become drab or boring. Do a great deal of research before writing the essay and incorporate as much details as possible.

Persuade the reader

One of the motives of the college essays is to move the reader to take an action. You should use descriptive language in an attempt to draw emotion from the reader. The essay that you write must be strong enough to force the reader out of his comfort zone and taken an action.

Follow directions

The professor will get really irritated if he finds that the basic directions have not been followed in the essay. The best college essays always follow all instructions. There are some admission offices that will not give a second look to an essay which has not followed the primary directions.

You must, therefore, re-check tour essay over and over again, note down all your resources and check once again whether your essay follows the directions of the given assignment. After all, you do not want your hard work to get wasted. Don’t write very long sentences as it instantly puts off the reader. No unnecessary exclamation marks or special fonts either.