Biotechnology Education: Great scope

Human kind has always wished to unravel the mysteries of nature, and Biotechnology has realized this dream. If we have to define Biotechnology; it is use of living organisms or of substance obtained from them in industrial use. Bio-Technology is a research oriented science.

It requires application of engineering and technological principles of sciences. There are many universities in USA, emphasizing on Biotechnology studies and provide lot of support to attract maximum students to join undergraduate and graduate programs in this stream since biotechnology has enormous scope.

The first priority of the biotechnologist has been to increase the crop yield. With the Growing population rate over the globe there is need to increase the agricultural yield. Hence with the help of Biotechnology an unprecedented green revolution is on anvil. The PUSA institute has developed mango sapling, they start yielding mangos when they attain height of 10-15 feet. In Philippines a gene from the rice of African origin has been introduces to the native crop to make it resistant to fungal disease.

Health of human being and to relieve them from suffering is another area where Biotechnologist contributes. American researchers have been successful in developing a vaccine against group B streptococcus; this can save the life of many infant if administered to pregnant women. Frozen embryos are also the discovery of Biotechnology.

British scientists at the Roslin Institute, contribute their research using biotechnology to impetus work on ageing, genetics and medicines. The discovery of polio vaccine, penicillin, medicine to eradicate smallpox, malaria had been possible only through biotechnology. Also the work in progress to introduce the vaccine for H1N1, mad cow disease, chicken guinea etc.

Environmental biotechnology helps for pollution control and waste management.Biotechnology has been able to combat a number of diseases. In contribution to the field of agriculture and animal husbandry is unparalleled. Soon hereditary diseases could be eliminated. Efforts are on to control the body’s biological clock. Diseases; genetic or those caused by external sources have been eliminated. Hence there is a great scope in this field as the demands for biotechnologist are growing in USA as well as in other countries.