Brazil: Amazon Resource Management

The Brazil Amazon Resource Management and Human Ecology program is conducted in the north Brazilian area of Belem. Amazon River is one of the world’s biggest rivers. The Amazon River basin is full of variety of flora and fauna.

This river being the second largest in the world helps in exploring the conflict between infinite human demands and finite availability of resources. The overall area covered by the Amazon River is roughly about the size of Australia.

All the research done in the Amazon River basin is conducted at Belem which is the epicenter for all. It is at the mouth of Amazon. All the participants who participate in this Brazil Amazon Resource Management and Human Ecology Program gather at Belem, do excursions in the rainforest areas and set up laboratories for researching. Participants talk to the Landless People Movement members in Pary and learn about the land use struggles and strategies. This helps to understand the problems all the members are facing.

There are many different programs that are conducted here. These programs include Health and Happiness project that help in rural development in the Santarem region. Maneracao Rio do Norte is a program that runs the major bauxite mining operation in the Saraca-Taquera National Forest. Monte Alegre is an archaeological site where researchers have a vast scope to study the old tradition of the human race in America.

The Brazil Amazon Resource Management and Human Ecology program helps the participant to directly experience the land use systems, communities and ecosystems. There are also Portuguese language learning classes held at this program. All these programs are taught by high professional that includes researchers, professors, teachers, community leaders, NGO’s, journalists and activists. Ecological fieldwork is conducted by the scientists of Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi research institute which is the oldest one in Amazonia.

It is recommended to have a previous college course done in ecology environmental studies, or any other field related to this. It is not compulsory to have this but is strongly recommended. The seminars and lectures are conducted in English and Portuguese language. This seminar is held by the most knowledgeable person in that field. This helps students in getting proper knowledge of the subject. Students show their charm during the Independent Study Project that is taken.