BSN And Specialty Nursing Courses From BCIT

BSN And Specialty Nursing Courses From BCIT The nursing courses as extended by the British Columbia Institute of Technology are referred to as BCIT nursing courses. There are four major specialties viz., Critical Care Nursing Specialty, Emergency Nursing Specialty, High Acuity Nursing Specialty and Neonatal Nursing Specialty. Interested can apply for the BSN (Bachelor of Science) degree. It is a three year full time course and there are only 4 seats, 2 open for admissions in January and 2 open in the month of August.

Selection process involves a competition, in which those who satisfy the minimum eligibility criterion can appear. As per BCIT, the competitive exam is to select the most deserving candidate and thus provide success opportunities. BCIT extends nursing courses from its School of Health Sciences.

Minimum Eligibility Criterion

1. Candidates should have cleared high school / GET / BTSD level 4

2. Proficient in speaking English and to this end should have 3 credits attained in a university English composition course. Alternatively there is the option of taking tests.

3. Biology 12 (C)+

4. Chemistry 11 (C)+

5. Mathematics requirements viz., principle & applications & foundations & pre calculus. Again there are equivalent structures which can be referred to at the website.

Additionally for admissions, applicants who can present more than 30 post secondary education credits are allotted priority. Besides, evidences and references of previous employers (if applicable) are sought. Likewise those who have received formal education in the domain of nursing, while applying for BCIT nursing courses, must submit reference documents of the previous nursing school.

Additionally health is an important criterion. BCIT establishes that the work of a nurse is quite demanding when it comes to physical health. A shift is typically 8 – 12 hours long and most of this time is spent doing tasks of physical nature. Patients must be attended to under all circumstances and on various occasions there might not be enough time to sit during chores. Physical endurance and coordination skills play a vital role.

Efficiency in motion and swiftness are thus critical for job performance. In fact a very important job role of a nurse is to play the comforter during stressful times and thus help the patient relax. This can only happen if nurse is mentally strong. And of course applicant must not be suffering from any disease which could pose problems to patients e.g. skin allergies.

Other Relevant Program Related Details

Students pursuing BSN nursing course spend two days / week in a hospital, for first two years of the course. During the third year, anything from 3 to 5 days are spent working at hospital premises. Learning techniques are working in groups, educating with the help of audio and video tapes and following problem based learning or PBL. In PBL as health situation is considered as a case study and students work on this problem to learn and thus reach upon a solution.

Specialty Nursing Programs

Graduates can apply from amongst the various specialty nursing certification programs as extended by BCIT. These are as below:

•    Critical Care
•    Emergency
•    Neonatal
•    Nephrology
•    Occupational Health
•    Pediatric
•    Pediatric Critical Care
•    Perinatal
•    Perioperative Nursing

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