CALTECH – California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology, more famously known as CALTECH, was founded in the year 1891.

California Institute of Technology is located in Pasadena, California. As the name suggests, CALTECH is a private educational institute which mainly focuses on science and engineering courses. The college campus is located in a 124 acre plot.

The college offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level study programs to its students. The main course program at undergraduate level at CALTECH is the BS degree program. For graduate students the degree on offer is the MS program. Apart from BS and MS the institute also offers degree in engineering and PhD degree.

The undergraduate enrolment at California Institute of Technology consists of 585 males and 382 females. Similarly the enrollment rate for graduate courses at CALTECH includes 857 males and 351 females. Apart from students, CALTECH has around 300 professional faculty and 75 research faculty. Then there are more than 100 visitors and more than 200 visiting faculty.

In the research wing, CALTECH has more than 621 post doctoral scholars and nearly 35 senior post doctoral scholars. CALTECH faculties are all subject matter experts and top achievers in science and engineering. No wonder the institute has managed to get 31 Nobel prizes, till date. The total living alumni strength of California Institute of Technology is 22433 which are spread across the globe.

The following are the academic houses at CALTECH – Biology, Geological and Planetary Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy, Engineering and applied sciences and interdisciplinary programs.

The tuition fee at CALTECH per student is approximately $40000. The institute also offers well defined financial aid packages for its students in need. The institute has eight student houses that follow the rich tradition and honor code of CALTECH. The food at these student houses are usually served by appointed student waiters.

The honor code of California Institute of Technology states and dictates that no student of CALTECH shall ever take unfair advantage from any other member of the institute. The student houses are rightly labeled as self governing living groups of CALTECH.

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