Career as a Bartender

Bartending as a career is full of thrill and, of course, frill too. With the growth of tourism industry, food and beverages segment have grown considerably. In fact, it has outgrown all others.

All these and various other factors have made bartending one of the most-sought-after careers in the world today. Though it has always been popular, particularly among the youngsters; spurt in economic growth and ever-increasing web of media have made it even more popular.

In an institutionalized manner, bars, lounges, night-clubs, restaurants and cruise ships employ bartenders. As it seems from far, their basic job is to mix and pour drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic to their guests. But, it’s not all. A truly skilled bar tender that can enjoy his work is like a real asset for this industry across the world.

Those who do possess a flair for customer care and exhibit a little good communication aptitude go a long way in winning the customers for their bar. Both their professional attitude and appearance along with neat time management qualities bring them near their customers.

The aspirants who wish to make a career in bartending must go for a professional course in bartending. To pursue these courses, it is enough to have a pre-university level degree.

Although, bar tenders get a number of jobs coming their way, they, not necessarily, get to stand behind the bars in the beginning of their career. Big bars typically ask for at least 6-months experience in any neighborhood bar.

In these big bars, apart from executing their skills, they need to manage and keep the bar area tidy, manage the supply as well as inventory and even wash the glass ware.

In terms of remuneration, a bartender’s job is a good paymaster. Though, neighborhood bars don’t generally proffer a salary, they instead pay per hourly basis; bigger bars give salaries and commissions in addition. Customers pay gratuities and tips along with bills.

Bartenders work in many capacities like beverage attendants, lead or head bartender and go on to become managers.

This highly interesting and intensive job is meant for those who have got a love for the job. So, if you have got a love for it, then go ahead.