Career as a Nutritionists

Nutrition and Dietetics is a growing field and the possibilities in this field are endless. With inappropriate eating habits leading to many diseases, this field has suddenly seen huge growth. With so many people globally suffering from obesity, high blood cholesterol and kidney diseases the role of nutritionists or dietetics is essential for the welfare for society.

Dieticians or nutritionists help in promoting good health as they educate people about healthy eating habits by making necessary changes in their diet plan.

With growing obesity in almost every part of the world, lots of people are seeking help from dieticians to take charge of their health. The dieticians depending upon the individual need draw a diet plan which would help in preventing or controlling the diseases.

Dieticians are required in hospital, research labs to teach science of nutrition in colleges and universities. They can also undertake private practice.

If you want to take up a career in nutrition, you will have to study home-science or go for food and nutrition courses.

The various Universities which offer programs in Nutrition in United States are:

Cornell University

New York University

Florida International University

The job of dieticians involves chalking out proper diet plan for patients in hospitals, taking care of nutritional needs of athletes, celebrities etc. They can easily find employment in hospitals, catering departments, health clubs etc.

Nutritionists and dietician’s can have many career options – they can work in hospitals, schools, colleges, factories and office cafeterias as they can plan healthy diets for the workers.

They can also work in sports and fitness centers. They can also actively involve in research and can also find jobs in mass media as a program on healthy and proper diet is a requirement for most of the TV channels because they have to identify with health related issues of a common man. Nutritionists can also teach in schools or universities or they can also work as private consultants or private practitioners.

According to a survey annular earnings of dieticians and nutritionists were $ 46,960(U.S., 2006). Being a nutritionist or a dietician helps the individual to eat proper and healthy diet himself/herself. This kind of education reflects in healthy body and mind, as the food is the main ingredient for a living being so a proper diet always leads to a healthy body and a relaxed mind.