Career As a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who help people with disabilities by providing services that restore and improve mobility of patients with fractures, and injuries etc and try to relieve pain and prevent or limit physical disabilities arising through a accident, or heart disease etc. Number of Physical therapists appointed in US was about 185, 500 in 2008. Most of the Physical therapists work in the offices or in hospitals.

The work of a physical therapist involves examining medical history of patients, perform test and measure the range of motion, balance and coordination of patients, make notes of their posture.

Or after a therapy make notes on patient’s ability to reintegrate into the community or workplace after injury or stress; they also play a major role in developing treatment plans by analyzing the outcome of therapy.

Physical therapists make a treatment plan according to an individual, they develop fitness and wellness programs to maintain and ensure better health of people.

The educational requirements for a physical therapist are basically a graduation from a physical therapist education program . The subjects in the physical therapist course are biology, chemistry, and physics . Along with these fundamental courses there are some specialized courses like biomechanics, human growth and development, neuroanatomy, manifestations of disease, examination techniques and therapeutic procedures.

Before becoming a physical therapist it is essential to pass national and state licensing exams. To maintain a good standard and to ensure that there is absorption of up to date knowledge and skills amongst physical therapists, the physical therapists are required to take continuing education classes and are required to attend workshops to retain their licenses.

The job market for physical therapists is highly producible in terms of salary and personal satisfaction. The physical therapists get jobs easily in hospitals and they have a very good option of going for higher studies and then go into research in future. According to a survey in 2008, physical therapist earns a salary of $72,790.

The job of a physical therapist is demanding, as they have to stoop, kneel, lift and stand for long periods. Also they have to work according to their patient’s schedule and so are required to work also on weekends as working people can only manage an appointment during weekend most of the time.