Career As A PS3 Game Tester

Career As A PS3 Game Tester The Sony PS3 is the largest selling video game console today and with its increasing sales there has been a whole new set of game developers and game testers entering the video game industry.

Although more than 700 games are available for this console, it is expected that new game titles will hit the stores with the entry of the new generation game developers. The video game development is a tedious task and requires a lot of synchronization from the various teams. The game needs to be, at first, conceptualized.

The production process will begin after the conceptualization has been completed. The game prototype is developed after the production team has finished their work. The video game tester comes into play in the development stages of the game prototype.

The main job of the game tester is to ensure that the video game is working perfectly fine. The video game tester is usually a seasoned gamer and he can clearly and quickly point out any deficiencies in the game. Usually companies do not advertise any desired qualifications for the post of game tester but he must fit into the general scheme of things that the company has in mind. It is true that someone who is hugely experienced in game development will be able to give a more constructive review but a hardcore video gamer will be able to experience the game play much better.

The game tester plays the game and then conveys his reactions to the game development team. The communication skills play a great role here. Someone who has very low communication skills will find it difficult to explain to the game development team the aspects of the game that needs to be changed. So he adds a lot of value to the PS3 game developers team.

The job of a PS3 game tester requires that the applicant must have a good knowledge of gaming and experience of beta testing. So the candidate must take as many public beta tests as possible. These beta tests are available for many forthcoming games on the internet and you need to work on these to slowly move up the success ladder.

You can also participate in gaming competitions to enhance your knowledge of gaming and to get a first hand experience of the different reactions of the people with respect to a particular game. Surf the internet regularly to know the full details of the job of a game tester. You need to have a thorough knowledge of different terms and processes so that your dream of becoming a full fledged PS3 game tester is a reality.

When you start looking for jobs as a game tester, you need to remember that you must approach the right people. The video game industry now requires a lot of people as game tester so there is enough scope for you to prove your worth. The best course of action would be to join a video game testing agency. The salary of the game testers will vary from company to company. If you are working from home, then the company might pay you $500 per hour. But if you join a company on their payrolls as a game tester, then you can expect to earn as much as $70,000 per year. This is a real good amount of money for just playing games!