Career as Video Jockey

Video Jockey refers to the person who is a witty television anchor presenting show or a music based program. He must have the gift of gab so that audience is hooked to the television set for the duration of a particular program. It can be a musical phone-in program, a talk show or even a reality show.

The main job of the video jockey is to show videos, songs and interact with the viewers in such a manner that they are amused and they start liking the program because of him.

In order to become a good video jockey the person must be passionate, willing to learn, energetic and should have a through knowledge on his/her subject. We should not forget a good sense of humor is very much pivotal to this job. The person should not be camera shy; he should be confident in front of the camera and strike up a lively ‘conversation’ with the audience. But his job does not end here. He has to help in the pre-production work also and assist in deciding the songs to be played, the theme of the day and preparing the script.

Course Details

No technical qualification is required to be a video jockey. You should have good communication skills, keen sense of music, voice modulation and camera friendly. But there are a number of institutes in US which are offering short terms courses in Video Jockeying as the demand for VJs’ have increased overnight. These courses focus on public speaking, writing and listening skills and basic techniques which a VJ should know.

Career Prospects

The demand for a good VJ is never on the wane as there is a spurt of travel shows, game shows and music channels. People who work as VJs’ aspire to work for MTV one day but that is a distant dream because if you don’t do well in the formative stages then there is a high chance that you get lost in the mad jungle and your dreams might get crushed. So just keep working hard and hope for the big break. Salary is not a constraint in this kind of job. Only you should have the conviction to do well in this field.