Career in Adventure-Have Fun and Get Paid For It Too

Do you like trekking and mountaineering? Have you always been an outdoor person? Do you like adventure sports? If your answer is yes to these questions, it means that you are a total adventurous freak. And if you have still not planned a career, try for a career in adventure. It will be a job which would be fun plus you will be getting paid for it. That sounds prefect, right. You can also term a career in adventure as a paid vacation.

In case if you are totally fascinated by water sports and prefer to be in water rather than out of it, than the career in water sports is just the perfect option for you. There are various profiles that you can opt for such as swimming coach, cruise ship staff, water rafting guides, fishing guides, skiing instructor, scuba diving instructor etc. People, who prefer to stay on land and are interested in sports like trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing etc, should opt for profiles such as tour guide, cycling guide, trekking or mountaineering guide, rock climbing trainer etc.

You need to complete your basic graduationAnother per requisite apart from basic education is high level of physical and mental fitness. After that, you can take training in the institutes teaching these adventure sports courses. There are many institutes like, Himalayan institute of mountaineering, adventure sports institute, allied sports, and European institute for outdoor adventure education etc that impart training for all these adventure sports. You can apply for the jobs in resorts, water parks, sports club, athletic club, river tours, clubs, adventure centers and cruise lines.

Although career in adventure by no means can be compared to all those so called secured government and management jobs, it still is the best option if you are an avid adventure lover. An adventure sport is full of thrill and action. Though unconventional, adventure career has been seriously taken up in a big way by the youngsters. Just follow your heart and if your heart says adventure, than adventure it is. Where else, will you be paid for something that is fun, thrill and adventurous as well.