Career in Aviation

Aviation provides a lot of opportunities. You can make a rewarding career in this field. There are a number of job openings and you can work in different capacities. There are good job opportunities for both fresher and the experienced. There are openings in various categories in the sector. Apart from the major jobs like those of a pilot and an air hostess there are other opportunities as well. You can work here as a customer support executive. Good opportunities are available in ticket reservation, transportation of perishable cargo and regulation of traffic to cargo reservations. Also there are opportunities in the area of aviation administration and cockpit resource management.

Let us have a look at the profiles of the jobs offered in the aviation sector.

Pilot jobs: The job as a pilot offers a rewarding career. Not only the pay scales are good but also you get plenty of job satisfaction. There are a number of airlines today. You can join as a pilot in any of the national and international airlines.

Openings for Aeronautical Engineers: There are a plenty of opportunities for the aeronautical engineers. The matter of maintenance is a high priority for the airlines therefore there is a huge requirement of aeronautical engineers in the field both on the entry level as well as on the senior level positions.

Air Hostess: This is a smart career choice for smart and elegant women.You will have the opportunity to travel a lot. The pay packages are high and the career as an air hostess is satisfying.

The facilities provided are also very good. There are many air hostess training institutes which offer quality training in the field. You can join any of the good institutes and after training you will have plenty of opportunities to work as an air hostess.

Job in Customer services: Customer satisfaction has become crucial for success of any business. Aviation is not an exception. There are plenty of requirements in the field of customer service. The executives in the field have to address the problems of the customers.

Apart from the fields mentioned above there are opportunities in other profiles as well in the sector. You can look out for a job in the administration, traffic regulation, cargo management, ground operations, aircraft maintenance and several other areas in the field of aviation.