Career in Biomedical Engineering

You are oriented to be an engineer, you have the skills and mindset to achieve your goal but at the same time you would like to do some service to humanity…in that case Biomedical engineering is a great career option. With technology growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for accurate high precision instruments in the field of health is gradually increasing and it is believed that biomedical engineers will also be in great demand. You need to be innovative, creative, intelligent, research minded to fulfill the demands of a highly sophisticated field of study.

Biomedical engineering is a spectrum of various fields of study and they have high importance in today’s technological world. Transplant procedures generally have a long waiting time especially if you require a young heart or a child’s heart so tissue engineers attempt to design synthetic organs which can be used effectively.

Prosthetic engineers specialize in designing prostheses very similar to the human limb and are trying to make it as comfortable and flexible as possible. Clinical engineers take up projects with medical equipment manufacturers to design modifications of complex machines to make them available to developing nations. The global disparity in health issues can be very much alleviated by invention of equipments that can reach these nations at minimal cost and that is possible only with biomedical engineering.

Biomedical engineering as the name suggests is a combination of biology, medicine and engineering hence you need to learn all these three fields you must know if you have the aptitude for the same. As a bioengineer you can specialize in creating anything from wheelchairs to MRI machines to contact lenses as that depends on your area of interest. Doctors, nurses, physicians are the ones you need to work in close tandem with to solve a wide number of challenges.

As a bio engineer you may seek employment in pharmaceutical, medicine manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing or in hospitals or even in research institutes. You also have the option for a teaching career if you find that most suitable. You will also earn substantially so if you have a flair for engineering and medicine, a bright mind and a smart approach do try bioengineering.



The author is a mechanical engineer and a post graduate in management