Career In EPA

Do you feel that you can do something about the global warming? Does pollution, deforestation, exploitation of natural resources bother you? Do you feel strongly about the environment protection and conversation? Do you feel that you as a responsible citizen can  contribute in the environment protection drive, if yes than joining EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is just the right career option for you.

The main goal of EPA as the name suggests is conservation and protection of environment i.e. air, land and water, our lifelines and thereby protecting human health. EPA’s ensure the following:

  • Enforcement of environmental protection laws
  • Health of all the US citizens are shielded from the environmental pollution
  • Helping US to continue to take lead in collaborating with other nations to protect the global environment
  • Individuals, companies, business, state and local government have access to all the information needed to protect the environment

EPA supports the United States environment protection drive. EPA leads the science, research, education, and assessment efforts for environment in United States. EPA has laboratories all across the US, where they identify and try to solve all the problems related to environment. EPA doesn’t protect the environment on their own, but collaborate with NPO’s, business, state and local gov’t in their environment protection drive.

EPA Student internships:

EPA gives options to kids, middle school and high school students to do internship in its offices and laboratories in Washington DC, and throughout the nation. Not only the students will gain a good career experience, but at the same time will start learning to protect the environment at an early age.

Environmental kids club-This club is for elementary school children where they learn to protect the environment through games and projects. Student center and high school environment protection: These centers are for middle school students and high school students respectively. These centers help the children to learn about protecting the environment in a fun way. High school students actually are also involved in environment protection.

EPA employs more than 17000 people all across the US. They boast of highly skilled and qualified staff of engineers, scientists and policy analyst. They also have specialist in various fields such as legal, finance, public affairs etc.

So, what are you waiting for, join the EPA brigade and be a part in their environment protection drive.