Career in Fashion Journalism

Fashion Journalism is the meeting point of fashion and journalism. Rather, it signifies rendezvous of fashion and glamor with journalistic ethos.

Like other tracks of journalism, this too highly demanding and certainly not every one’s cup of tea. In fact, fashion journalism takes the individual nature of journalism a notch higher and is completely idiosyncratic in its functioning. It is meant for the go-getter who is passionately in love with his/her job.

A degree in fashion journalism or even in journalism can fetch a job in this field. But not having any formal training in journalism should not be taken as the biggest of impediments in making a career in this field.

Because, what is more important is a thorough understanding of the trade! Those having in-depth knowledge of the players of industry, understanding and knowledge of brands and fashion houses along with works of different designers and their movement across fashion houses tend to move upwards career spiral.

Such kind of detailed understanding helps the students in preparing articles, conducting interviews and even in dealing with prospective employers.

Career options available in fashion journalism are numerous.Many people get employed in the capacity of a fashion journalist with publications of various scales.

Many others work as freelance contributors. Journalists falling in this class typically work over multiple projects at the same time. Job responsibilities of a fashion journalist involve fashion reporting that may include writing about trends, fashion shows and fashion collections.

At times they do also write about fashion and beauty products. Many times employers tend to consider the educational background of students before assigning specific work to them.

Although a formal degree does not necessarily make a successful fashion journalist, those with a degree in journalism, communication or associated streams like liberal arts get preference.

Many institutes, particularly those specializing in fashion education like London School of Fashion offer programs in fashion journalism. Growing importance of electronic medium of journalism has definitely led to increased focus over imparting skills required online communication and electronic content management.

As a matter of fact, a good program in fashion journalism brings flexibility to explore career options in other aspects of fashion like casting, styling and creative direction among others.