Career in Human Resources

Gone are the days when HR professional were considered the most unlucky people in a company. They were believed to be doing all kinds of boring administrative jobs that no one else wanted to do. In a nutshell it was the most thankless job one could think of.

However, it is not the case anymore. In today’s scenario it is one of the most sought after jobs. Many people want to pursue a career in it. The work that an HR professional needs to do is no more boring. An HR guy today manages the relationship between the company and the employees, ensures easy transition into and out of the company and a cordial stay while being there. Actually there can be many descriptions of the work that HR people do these days.

In today’s work environment the term HR is generally used in a very comprehensive manner. It incorporates personnel management and industrial relations. In practical terms personnel management is all about softer aspects of the employer-employee relations and industrial relations is all about the tougher parts. There are numerous issues before those working in this field.

They need to keep track of new legislations, manage complex relations, bring in new management solutions, and chase incredible timetables. So, the question arises as to what are the key ingredients of an HR professional.

As a matter of fact there just can’t be a single word answer to this question. Actually, an HR professional needs to possess an array of qualities. He/she has to have good analytical skills, needs to be a good listener, a remarkable concept seller, and skillful enough to judge people. To keep it all very simplified, a typical HR professional should enjoy it more working with people than with products.

In every company the HR people get to do a variety of roles and perform some very crucial functions. They have their involvement in management changes, setting up of new management priorities, and take part in every organizational change in the company. The importance attached to HR officials of a company can be understood from the fact that unlike earlier times today the top HR person of a company is a key member of the executive team.


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