Career in Human Resources

Human Resource Department is now, not confined only to hiring of the employees. Human Resources play a vital role in the success of an organization. This is because an organization is run by the people and only if the right people are hired for right jobs an organization can grow.

Human Resource Department is responsible for hiring, training, development of the employees. Human Resource Management is a very important management function.  It primarily involves selecting the right candidate for the right job.

Staffing function includes recruitment, training, appraisal and compensating the employees. An organization’s future to a large extent depends upon staffing as it is the people who are responsible for success or failure of an organization.

Even if you do not have any prior experience in Human Resources you can take up an entry level job in this field.

If you want to make a career in Human Resources you can go in for Master in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources.

The Universities which offer MBA in HR Management are:-

1. University of Phoenix
2. Ashford University
3. Virginia College
4. Walden University
5. Capella University

The main functions of Human Resources Department are:-

1. Hiring the best employees. Matching the skill set of the employees with the available opportunities.
2. Compensating employees
3. Training and Development of Employees
4. Ensuring compliance to policies
5. Sustaining good employees

If you want to make a career in Human resources remember you will have to deal people all the time as Human Resource is all about dealing with employees. You have to be a good listener as you would be expected to listen to the employee’s feedback and take appropriate action.

Also, Human Resource is a critical function in any organization. If the right people are not hired for right jobs it would results in an organization’s failure. The effectiveness of Human Resource Department is judged by the fact that they are able to recruit right people for right jobs, meet their training requirements and are able to retain the good employees.

People in Human Resource jobs enjoy work life balance as usually its an eight hour job. Its not a stressful job and once you enter this field you can easily manage your work if your plan well. So what are you thinking enrol for a Human Resources  programme now.!