Career in Marketing

Wow! You have chosen to explore a career which would not only provide challenges but also ensure that you grow throughout your career. Marketing includes sales, advertising, management, finance almost everything.

With the growing competition it has become essential for every company to have a marketing division in order to sustain itself and be ahead of it competitors. Not only big companies but even small companies have a proper marketing division to boost up their sales as well as profits.

To enter a career in marketing, one not only requires excellent communication skills but also convincing skills, basic knowledge of accounting and finance and risk taking ability.

Marketing career specially suits those who like to travel as there is extensive travelling involved in this field. Its important for a marketing professional to communicate his/her thoughts , information and ideas clearly in writing and verbally. Other skills needed are interpreting complex data and making new strategies for marketing.

It is good to participate in chosen field of marketing by doing an internship or training in an established organization and from there its easy to get a job in preferred industry. Its important to learn marketing skills – market search at this time and learn how to develop a marketing plan for global business and how to promote new services.

No doubt marketing means business, so in order to have a career in marketing it would make sense to enroll for Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in marketing after bachelors.

Some of the Top business schools in United States are:-

1. Harvard Business School
2. Stanford
3. University of Pennsylvania

The American Marketing Association, the largest professional organization in marketing can provide you with the good source of information about marketing.

Once you make a career out of marketing remember that it’s a tedious job. You will have to put in a lot of effort and will have strict targets. But also remember that if you keep on achieving the targets consistently then there’s no stopping. You can grow by leaps and bounds.Remember that opportunities in the field of marketing are huge. All you have to do is capture those effectively.