Career in Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is the technique of healing by using certain medicines. This kind of medication is practice for centuries in Asia. The medication given to the person is usually based on herbs and acupuncture treatment. This helps the patient to recover fast.

In Oriental Medicines the practitioner believes that the illness has caused due to imbalance energies and then medicates the patient accordingly. Use of different medicines help to overcome the imbalance of energies into the body and the person is back to normal.This is becoming a popular field in other parts of the world as well. There are many people who want to learn this Oriental Medicine technique and come in search of it. This also helps the practitioner to heal himself and have a good health. Oriental medicine helps everyone in their day to day activities to be fit and overcome health problems. Oriental medicines help to reduce stress, teaches the importance of breathing properly.

Oriental medicine basically depends upon Acupuncture and Qigong. In acupuncture the disease is treated using sterilized needles. These needles are inserted into the acupuncture points on the body. Each point is associated with variety of symptoms. The practitioner finds out the disease and then inserts these needles in that appropriate point. In Qigong practitioner transmits his energy into the body of the patient which results in recovery of the patient. This involves breathing techniques. The energy is transferred by moving fingers over the body of the patient.

Many companies, doctors, hospitals are working with oriental medicine practitioners which will be helpful not only for themselves but also to heal others. Pursuing career as an Oriental medicine practitioner is profitable because of this.  Due to the increasing popularity, companies, hospitals and even individuals are demanding for oriental medicine practitioners. There are many schools that offer courses in oriental medicine. Here they are trained how to check, detect and treat the disease of a patient.

Students can opt for different levels for learning oriental medicine such as certificate, master, bachelor or the doctoral level. It is necessary to choose the school where practical education is given more than theoretical one. There are many sub fields in this oriental medicine.  It is necessary to choose the right one. The Oriental medicine practitioners get high remuneration and also get a secured job even if they do not want to practice eon their own.